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The purpose of the Equestrian Club is to help people learn about horses. Both standard-size and miniatures are used for hands-on experience. During their annual fundraiser, they share their passion and knowledge with others on grooming, the importance of an exercise program, feeding requirements, and the different ways to interact with a horse. Short rides on the "bigs" and cart or wagon rides pulled my the minis are a favorite of those who attend the event.

Equestrian Club members relax after a day of work

In 2000, Lake Carroll Association members who played an active roll in maintaining, improving and utilizing the Equestrian Area formed the Equestrian Club. The Equestrian Club welcomes, encourages and wants members and their guests to visit the horses. You're invited to bring carrots for treats for both the minis and bigs; be sure to offer your treats safely and under adult supervision. Please no apples, as they can upset their stomachs. Always obey any signage that may be present as some of the horses could be on a special diet. The Club also stresses for safety reasons, please don't enter the pasture areas; do your visiting at the gates and fences. As obvious as it is that the bigs are very strong, don't let the minis' size fool you. They are likewise very strong. Equestrian members want everyone to have a good experience and a fun time down at the Equestrian Area.

Club membership dues are $20.00 per family. Membership monies go directly to the costs associated with the medical care and feed for the mini horses, which allow them to reside at Lake Carroll.

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